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Aug 14, 2018
Redesign Of Website

Bear with us. We are currently redesigning the website and it takes time. The same material is here but by the end of this process we will hopefully have a site which works as the cliche says, like a Swiss watch read more

Mar 07, 2018
The History Of Worfield

It has been a very long time since I added a news item to the website for which many apologies. I did, in fact, complete the Accidents book in December 2014 and in the Autumn of last year finished a book on the History of Worfield from Mesolithic times. While this website is  a good place to store and relate information, at some point one needs to draw a line and say, 'this is what... read more

Jul 30, 2015
100 Years Of Accidents

 For the last three and a half years I have been studying accidents in Wolverhampton in the nineteenth century. The subject provides much information for local and family historians. The intention is to publish the research in the Autimn of 2015. Whenever I say I am studying accidents I get a variety of reactions so let me explain that I don’t have a morbid fascination for how people died.  I see an accident as a... read more

Dec 20, 2014
Happy Christmas

Early in 2014 in England, at least in the Midlands, there were floods. Just in case you had forgotten, as I had, in fact, here are some images The rain continued and Worfield History Group despaired that there would ever be any dry weather for our history exhibition. Up until the weekend before, it rained and rained and then miraculously the clouds parted for this special weekend in June. Just in case you missed... read more

Jul 19, 2014 | 1 comments
Court Rolls

Three of us from Sylvia Watts' Latin Group have just started to transcribe and translate the Worfield Court Rolls. The other two members, who are the experts, are Paul Walshe and Ciciely Taylor. I am the apprentice and I have a feling it will be a sharp learning curve. I thought you might like to share the first effort. Avaiable from Shropshire Archives the Ref number is 5586/1/229 23rd November 1536The Small Court held on... read more

Mar 26, 2014
Recent Metal Detected Finds In Shropshire

In the latest newsletter from the Shropshire Archaeological and History Society, Peter Reavill highlights three recent finds. The first is a fob, hanger or dangler of later Iron Age Date, from the Baschurch area. The date is from 100BC-AD 80 and the number is HESH-D89587 on made of cast copper alloy it is circular in shape with a strange whirligig design. It is suggested that it may be a harness decoration  which hangs, one... read more

Jan 30, 2014
New Year's Resolution

A whole month since Christmas. Now where did that time go! I don't tend to do New Year's Resolutions but this year what is at the forefront of my mind is planning. I want 2014 to be a year when the early experiences of the website can be consolidated into a site that more people know about, so that we save and share more history and more people find it useful as a place to... read more

Dec 24, 2013
Happy Christmas

I thought a newsletter was just what you didn't need and so this is just a heartfelt message that you have a wonderful Christmas read more

Sep 17, 2013
Parish Chest Records

Parish Registers are very useful but there are other parish records which are less well known. They go under the name of Parish Chest Records and cover a wide range of topics. Not every type of record has been retained but a trip to the County Archives in the UK is worth while. Not all the Parish Chest Records are in the Records Office you would expect them to be in so because they are... read more

Aug 18, 2013
Indian Art

Amongst a bundle of photographs and albums from my late grandfather, Fred Goodwill, was a rather tatty envelope which was addressed to a Rev. Perry in Redditch. Fred Goodwill was also a Methodist Minister in Redditch, in the 1930s I believe. I assume therefore that Fred was given them because he had spent a long time in India and was also very interested in Indian history. When I looked inside the envelope what I saw... read more

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