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Worfield Manor Court Roll P314/W/1/1/5 Shropshire Archives
1328, Worfield, Shropshire, Uploaded by janes at 2019/06/14
Tags: Wythymede John Of Oldyngton William Of Stanlowe Thomas Of Hoccumbe Short Term Leases Adam Of Swancote Thomas Wynter Thomas Of Ewyk Robert Of Roughton Roger Lovestick Military Service Robert Lovestick Rose Of Roulowe William The Forester Rindleford Mill Fulling Mill Stephen Of Rulneford Agnes Henries Stephen Henries Robert Of Asterhull William Ingelbrond Agnes Dovy Tavern Emma Atte Sonde Robert Nelde Edith Coc Elenor Of Muchale Thomas Atte Pole John Of Northale Rectory Of Worfield Stephen Haukynes Reginald Haukynes Margery The Bonde John The Smyth Richard Of Eyemore Adam Of Burcote John Robars Margery Of Winscote William Atte Broke Richard Atte Broke Agnes Atte Broke Henry Haukyn Roger Atte Bruche Walter Haukyn Alice Colynes Thomas Bulloc Agnes Of Burcote Thomas The Junge Robert The Smith William The Forester Thomas Of Bromleye John Of Oldynton Thomas Of Cattestre William Robers Alexander Of Alvescote Margaret Of Alvescote William Wermode William Macy Matilda Of The Castle Rose Of Asterhull Emma The Bruester Of Worfeld Elenor Hawote Of Wyke Edith Haukynes Margery Of Asterhull William Of Roulowe Robert Of Bradeneye Thomas Atte Gate Of Hulton Adam Of Hoppytonne Walter Heyne Robert Jannekynes John Hugynes William Edith Of Kynkeslowe Thomas Of Stanlowe Robert Coks Of Acleton William Janne Robert Othe Hethe Roger Gold Nicholas Jones Thomas The Freman William Gille Agnes Gybbe William Aldith Roger Of Stapelford Benigna Of Eudenas Walter Atte Sonde William The Palmer Matilda Of The Field Isabell Adames John Galian Adam Sterre William Ingeman Roger Nicholes Thomas Bryd Hugh Of Eudenas William Fox Willam Macy Roger Of Eudenas

Pendlestone Mill is causing some problems with Bridgnorth men digging Worfield soil and blocking the Worfe: Presentation of the mill. Present that the men of Brugge encroached at Pendestonemill digging and taking away land of the lord here to the abhorrence and damage of the lord and the neighbours. And present that there is here a mill called the New Mill built on the soil of the lord to the disinheritance thereafter of the privileges of the lord. Item. present that the same men obstructed the course of the water called Worh (Worfe) Other interesting items: -short term leases in this case of one year -Reginald (1d) Haukynes and Stephen (1d) his brother took two cottages of the Rectory of Worfeld without a licence from the lord and his bailiff. -Edith Coc (4d) and Emma atte Sonde (4d) held a tavern -Stephen of Rulneford who held of the lord one fulling mill has died & he leaves nothing but his son who takes over pays ingress of 12s. Does this mean Rindleford Mill was a fulling mill? -Robert Lovestick gave to the lord 6s 8d for a licence to hold free from the homage and liberty of Worfeld and to hold by military service and receive the land and tenements which he wishes. Pledge Roger Lovestick new building at Hilton: Roger the Walker gave 6d to the lord for ingoing for one new hearth at Hulton rendering annually 1d at the Feast of St Michael.

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