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1400-1401, Worfield
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15/07/2018, Trier
added by: agilson
08/04/1865, Birmingham...
added by: edjackjones
18/05/2018, Location u...
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26/02/2008, Location u...
added by: Auster


How do you search? 
Simply type in the words you are looking for. The search works on the basis of tags, locations and dates used to describe uploads. If you don't find what you want make the search more general.

Can you restrict the viewing of any uploads? 
No, all uploads are on public view.

What is the Comments Box for below the item displayed? 
Sometimes the person who has uploaded data will ask specific questions which you may be able to answer. Sometimes you may have questions and sometimes you may want to make a general comment - always nice, encouraging or useful, please

Why won't my photographs upload? 
You will need to have Flash installed on your computer in order to upload. Flash is available as a free download.

How do I convert a Word document to a PDF? 
Adobe is available as a free download. Save your file as a Word document first, in case you want to edit it, and then simply save it as a PDF.

I want to use ShareHistory to store my research. Can I do that? 
Yes, it is perfect for backing up work. Organise the data in files exactly as you would if you were using hard copies.

I haven't got a scanner. What should I do? 

Taking  a photograph and uploading it to your computer works just as well as a scanner and is often quicker. Some images and documents are too fragile to be scanned and a photograph is the best way of duplicating them.
There are companies on the internet who will scan in a large quantity of material.

I have photograph albums which are larger than A4. Can I get a scanner which will do this job? 
Yes, there are scanners which have flexible tops and allow you to do oversize documents. Alernatively, take a photograph.

I have got boxes of slides to upload. How do I do it? 
There are specialist slide scanners and again there are companies who will convert them into digital format. Once you have scanned them in, click on upload images and upload as with any other photograph.

I have got so much material to upload, I don't know where to start. Can you help? 
We will always try to help with mass uploading. Contact us.

Can I just upload photographs without describing them? 
Because we are gathering material for historical purposes we need to extract as much data as possible. If you haven't time to describe items as you upload them, put in some simple information and add to it later.

This site is privately funded. If you would like to towards the extension of this archive we can digitise more and still keep access free.