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Yesterday I had a great day photographing some more of the archive of Norman Tildesley from Willenhall. There is so much material it is almost overwhelming but highlights the fact that there is a vast amount of material out there.


Administration is not the most exciting subject but I am trying to get the information together for 'Who Do You Think You Are,' in February. It is dull, dull, dull and hard to think that I will have a stand which will hopefully sparkle and inspire many hundreds or thousands of people to upload data to share history.

The message I will be trying to put across is that there is so much history in private hands it is mind boggling. In the last year I have been working with several different bodies, Boulton Paul Heritage Museum, a local historian's archive, a metal detectorist's finds, individual photograph collections etc. So I know that there is an endless seam of history gold which has yet to be tapped. I will do all I can to make available as much history as  I can and I am here to help with the technical side of things but I can't do it for you. I once heard someone say  'if a job's worth doing it's worth doing badly,' because that is how you will do anything at first. We get better at  something by doing it repeatedly.


It can't be February already. I have been trying to clear a backlog of work and as usual come up with mystery photos. People with no names and houses with no location. Very frustrating!


This site is privately funded. If you would like to towards the extension of this archive we can digitise more and still keep access free.