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1400-1401, Worfield
added by: janes
1890-1910, Dewsbury, W...
added by: leesmob1
15/07/2018, Trier
added by: agilson
08/04/1865, Birmingham...
added by: edjackjones
18/05/2018, Location u...
added by: Jean49
26/02/2008, Location u...
added by: Auster

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What is it all about?

ShareHistory is a place where we can build up an archive of our history. There are no categories or limits to the type of history you can upload and search -  family, local, military, political, company, rural, urban, national, international, stamps, medals, war, peace... All history is welcome here. The more we have available in quantity and diversity, the better our view of history will be.

Unlimited Uploads

Unlimited Space
We want to bring as much information into the picture as possible so you can upload photos, documents and memories. And there is no limit to the number of items you can upload, store and share.

created at: 2010/09/06

Community Driven
History should be fun, sharing problems may help solve them, sharing common interests may create new friendships and you may find relatives you didn't know you had.

created at: 2010/11/26

Easy Searching Self tagging makes for easy searching. Just put what you want to search for into the search box. It could be a person's name, a place or an event. If you don't find anything make your search more general. We like to make the search facility as easy as possible for you!

This site is privately funded. If you would like to towards the extension of this archive we can digitise more and still keep access free.